The Javanese Traditional Weapons

March 13, 2017

Did you know, there are more than 1030 tribes in Indonesia and Javanese is the largest of them all. Each region and tribes have their own unique cultures including weapon. Traditional weapon was not only made to defense oneself but also for hunting and doing day to day activities.


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Here are the four Javanese traditional weapons that are still used until today:


Keris or Kris is used both for a weapon and spiritual object. Unlike any other sword, Keris has a distinctive wavy shape, pattern and special carvings which makes it unique. Keris are often considered to have magical powers or a presence of the spirit and made from rare types of woods, gold or ivory. Today, we can find Keris in most Javanese traditional weddings as an accessory for ceremonial dress (for men).



Clurit or Celurit, is widely used throughout Indonesia especially in Madura, East Java. With a crescent moon-shape and a long handle, Celurit is used as an agricultural tool for harvesting or cutting grass. The blade is believed to be popular from a Maduranese legend, Sakerah, who was known to be a fighter against the Colonialism, and always carry his Celurit wherever he goes. There are two types of Celurit according to its shape, Clurit Kembang Turi and Clurit Wulu Pitik. 



Buding is a traditional weapon of Using Ethnic from Banyuwangi. Just like a Celurit, Buding is also used both as a weapon and also as an agricultural tool, only the shape of the blade is straight elongated and sharp on its side. Every Buding comes with a glove as a protector yet an ornament.


Last but not least, is Bionet. This weapon is also comes from East Java and has a similar shape to the swords. In the past times, Bionet was commonly used at war.


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