If you are happen to be in Jl. Yos Sudarso, Surabaya, make sure to stop by for an ice cream at one of Surabaya’s oldest ice cream shop, Zangrandi. The legendary ice cream shop was built during the Dutch era and still serving original ice cream with authentic Italian taste until today. The vintage nuance of the shop attracts not only the old people who come here to reminiscence but also the young people. 


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The Zangrandi Ice Cream Shop was firstly established by an Italian named Renato Zanggradi, the place was called Renato Zangrandi Ijspaleis back then. The shop is located at the opposite of a well-known elite hall during the Dutch era, a place where they held a ball and elite parties back in the days. Perhaps, this is why Renato’s ice cream shop became popular and favorite until today. 


Almost all of the elements at this vintage ice cream shop remain the same as it was first established. Brown tile, rattan seats and tables, wall decorations and even the ice cream recipes are original. You can order the legendary Tutti Frutti or Noodle Ice Cream which made of a perfect blend of vanilla and rum that will surely make your tongue happy.


If you find their ice cream having a rough texture, it is because Zangrandi only put natural ingredients on their ice cream without any preservatives. And of course they are still using the original Renato Zanggardi’s recipe. Don’t forget to take pictures while enjoying your ice cream day at Zangrandi, who knows one day you’ll be back here with your children and grandchild.

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