Either for business or leisure, here are some important things you need to know when traveling.  









Make a List 

List down only important stuff that you need to bring during traveling, this will help you more organized. Avoid bringing stuff like bath amenities and towel because you will have that from the hotel anyway. But, if you are planning to have a night stay at the airport, you can move your liquid soap into a small container which could be easily kept in your hand bag.

Roll up your clothes so you can have more space in the suitcase, this method could also prevent tangle on your clothes. Having more space on the suitcase means you are free from paying the excess baggage and fill it with souvenirs.



Bring 1 Gadget

Imagine if you bring your laptop, ipad, GPS, handphone and a DSLR camera along on a holiday, would that be effective? Except for a business trip, bring only 1 phone that could also be used as a camera and GPS so you can be more freely to explore the destination.



Online Chek-in

Don’t ruin your holiday mood just because you are late for check-in. Avoid this situation by check-in at least 10 hours prior the flight, which you can do from anywhere. This is to prevent you from being rushed to the airport.

Another tips that might be useful for you is pack your own snacks and drinks. To keep fueled up during a trip can prevent you from not thinking straight when your tummy growls. You don’t want to get in the wrong line and end up being upset only because you are hungry, don’t you. 


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